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Learn Your Style Journey With Lou Heller - Gore

Learn Your Style Journey With Lou Heller - Gore

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Learn Your Style Journey Workshop!

Come and enjoy a fun night of styling with Fashion Guru Lou Heller!

Date: Tuesday 7th May 

Time: Doors Open 6.30 7pm Start

Location: James Cumming Wing - 29 Bowler Avenue - Gore

If you have the journal, want the journal, don't want the journal, but want to learn a lot of tools, your own personal style foundations, and how to undo where you are in what you wear, The Journal Tour is for you!

I wrote the Style Journal to guide you through the process of discovering the essence of what makes you unique. The Style Journal teaches you to enhance your attributes so that your best style becomes undeniable as a result of your own individuality. Get an understanding of weeding out the constant "trend voices," because I know how ready you are to take control of your image, wardrobe, and confidence.

So, whether you have already completed the Style Journal or are yet to start it, you will get a lot out of this talk! I have seen how successful this tool has become over and over again because it guides you back to your inner essence of what makes you tick, what you love, and what you don't. Maybe you're stuck, have nothing to wear, or maybe too much, but always fall back to the "same same". I'm here to help, and I'll show you why and how to bring it all together while remaining inspired—and so much more!

Proceeds to be donated to Gore Hospital, raffles available on the night.

*Just choose the “PICK UP INSTORE” at the checkout and we will email you your confirmation, this will be used as your ticket on the night!


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