Introducing your personal stylists

Whether you're simply updating a pair of your favourite jeans, looking to create a capsule wardrobe or hunting for that perfect outfit for the upcoming wedding season then we would LOVE to help you. 

Make your way to our spacious dressing rooms and let us be of service. 

It's what we do best. 

It's also quite a personal experience so let's get to know each other better. 


Jo lives on her family farm in rural Southland.  She has four adult children and six grandchildren.

Jo has an amazing eye for what will fit you.  She'll bring you pieces that you may have overlooked and will end up LOVING. 


Collette and her husband are dairy farmers from Riversdale.

They've got three adult children and two wee grandies.

She loves classic monochrome style and linens.


Nadine has recently built a new house in Gore with her husband and three daughters & spaniel, Pip.

You'd sum Nadine's style up as classic comfort. Pairing black with statement pieces and loving signature footwear. 


Andrea lives in her newly built shed home.  Her eye for design is evident in both her personal style and her interior design. 

She has three adult children and one beautiful granddaughter.