Koralline is a fashion brand for young women, which originated in 2005 from an idea of a group of entrepreneurs who had decided to undertake a new fashion project. Today this brand is sold in over 1200 stores in Italy and Europe from its base within the textile district of Prato (Italy).

From the original idea of an article, to the choice of fabric, to the details, through the technique of producing models: it all originates within our organization with the aim of guaranteeing the quality and the originality of a product, which is 100% Italian style. The Koralline collection is organized in the so-called three “macro moments”.

We always have an informal-casual first part, made up mostly of knitwear, t-shirts, denim and jackets; the second part, daily-formal, which is actually the heart of the collection, includes all those daily-use garments, the basic continuatives and the coats and jackets; finally, the last group with its elegant-evening style, made up of fashion and sophisticated garments, specifically designed for particular unique occasions

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